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The Predators are the original Powderfinger line up.


Ian Haug (Guitars), John Collins (Bass) and Steven Bishop (Drums/Vocals) spent much of 2021 enjoying each other's company in Airlock Studios working on their debut album which they co-produced with Steve Kempnich.

In 2004, Powderfinger decided to go on hiatus as Haug and Collins both decided to begin families. During this time, they reconnected with Bishop, started playing together and decided to write some music. Before long the group had named themselves The Predators

and recorded their debut EP Pick Up the Pace in July 2006.

The band continued to play some incredible shows, enhanced by the wonderful skills of fellow Brisbane musician and multi-instrumentalist Luke Daniel Peacock. (Halfway, Minor Premiers), in Brisbane over the last 15 years and had been collecting songs and ideas along the way. Only recently they had the opportunity to finish writing, recording and releasing their debut album (Oct 15th, 2021), alongside playing a couple of sold out shows in SEQ.

“New single Taking Fire is a standout, along with Say My Piece and Wrong Side of Down. And on Lead the Way Bishop – whose
voice is not unlike that of another drummer-vocalist Rob Hirst – sings: “We are all in our way disabled.” And Powderfinger-like
melodies inevitably bubble to the surface on tracks such as Too Far to Mention. It’s a solid effort that deserves to stand, and be

judged, on its own.”
- John o’Brien, Courier Newspaper

“There is no particular comparison I could make to other bands or artists because the individual influences of each member don’t
corrupt the overall sound. This record is the natural rhythm of three individuals using sound to communicate complicated emotions.
The kind of emotions that have evolved from a youthful angst into the dirge of the middle part of life where the world becomes

cluttered with adult responsibility and the search for meaning.” - HEAVYANDWEIRD,2021

If their future looks anything like their history, we can only assume that we will receive

some magnificent surprises.

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